Spring has sprung!

It is absolutly beautiful in the quad right now. So beautiful that I took my camera to school and acted like a nerdy tourist for the day. Oh well, I’m willing to lose my cool for those beautiful cherry trees (and other lovely flowers).

P.S. Check out Katie’s wonderful post about lady power.



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7 responses to “Spring has sprung!

  1. katieeeeeeep

    Ooooh, the first and third are my favorite. The first because the clouds look all crazy cool, and the third because it looks like perfect nature. I LOVE SPRING.

  2. sewingpattern

    You are so good at photography!!! They’re so pretty…!

  3. kaaviya

    good potos

  4. cherzie

    I love that you have all these close-ups of flower vaginas and then you tell people to read Katie’s post about the ladies. It’s a nice segue. 🙂

  5. kendrawen

    Just call me Georgia O’Keefe!

    But there’s really only one close-up of a flower vagina.

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